Sundawg Media started in 2007 as the marketing and design side of the AZ LLC Sundawg Records. From websites to music videos we handled many of the design needs for local bands in AZ. In 2012 Sundawg Media began focusing on video and cinematic productions. We have worked with companies such as the NFL, X Games, Nascar, Strawberry Hedgehog, Haus Panther, SICFIT, as well as hundreds of music groups from the southwest. Sundawg Media is now a full service creative production company specializing in documentary, music, and sports films. Owner and creative director Matty Steinkamp recently finished his first full length self produced / crowdfunded documentary on the importance of music education in public schools.The film is called “Play the documentary” it is currently in select theaters around the US. Play The Documentary has been screened by several film festivals including Sedona International Film Festival, and an Official Selection at the 2015 Phoenix Film Festival. Sundawg has a goal to make creative concepts with our clients while saving time and space to allow ourselves to create our own passion projects that can help benefit society and be a positive contribution to our culture.

We spend a lot of our time traveling with productions. From New York to Dublin, Sedona, to San Francisco. Our cameras are always catching the world as it is today. Want to see what we see?

Creative Director Matty Steinkamp (E)

Sundawg Media Official Selection Laurals