Matty Steinkamp director of Play The Documentary
Hi, my name is Matty Steinkamp. I have a passion for making amazing images that tell a story. I would love to chat with you about creating something memorable together. I am a native Phoenician and I love Arizona. Im a localist and live in downtown Phoenix. I believe in helping our community grow to be a safe and wonderful place to live. Im very much in love with music and all that it does for humanity. I will always be a student to business, marketing, and of course filmmaking. I believe we can always be learning. If you are looking for something that is so so, or low quality, then you have come to the wrong place. My interests are to only make the most amazing films from short films to full length features. From commercials to “webisodes”. I want you to be looked at as a leader in your industry, while showing the organic side to your lifestyle. Feel free to email anytime at or connect with me on my social networks. Everything is listed below.

I look forward to telling your story.


Matty Steinkamp
Creative Director

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