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Sundawg Media is very proud to present our first feature film Play the documentary. Play The Documentary is a film to inspire more people to play music. It features musicians and educators from all over the world sharing the simplicity of their instruments without any amplification. The film showcases amazing people doing wonderful things to help keep music in schools and accessible to our children. Play covers writers, makers, producers, students, teachers and a whole bunch of passionate people with one amazing thing in common, they love music!


In the film we travel from New York to Dublin, from Galway to San Francisco. We feature artists from California, Utah, Hawaii, New York, Arizona, Ireland, and so many other places. We stopped by the Facebook campus for a fund raiser for Little Kids Rock. There we got to see many young students that have received a positive impact from the help of Little Kids Rock. We sat with some teachers and discuss the struggles of being a music teacher with no school funding as well as what it’s like getting help from Little Kids Rock. There is so much that is in this film that so many can connect with.


Play The Documentary (Official Trailer) from Sundawg Media on Vimeo.


Play The Documentary is currently making its way around the country assisting with screenings that directly benefit music education. We have teamed up with non profit organizations from all over the US to bring this film to theaters near you. You can find out show times and dates on the films website 

#Playitforward Want to help support this film? Please head on over to ur social network pages, Like, Follow and share as much as possible. Together we can help to keep music in our schools.


In 2016 we will have this film available on  Amazon and iTUNES. We hope to get this film into as many independent theaters as possible throughout the US.

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