decker. Snake River Blues


Snake River Blues is a documentary of an American songwriter. We follow Brandon Decker from writing his songs, testing them on the road in front of fans, recording in the studio, and then taking them all the way to New York City to release the songs on a Hand pressed vinyl for 24 straight days and night of performances. We traveled from Arizona to Colorado to New Mexico to New York and back to Arizona. Over 20 shows, two full weeks in the studio, and some of the most memorable chats about the struggles and victories as an independent artist.The film is currently being edited at our Phoenix, AZ studio by Matty Steinkamp. Our plan is to have it completed for the submission deadline for the Sedona International Film Festival. From there we will plan our film festival submissions as well as the premiere dates will follow.

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Snake River Blues Documentary (Official Trailer) from Sundawg Media on Vimeo.